Which late UK MP has lost the title of world’s tallest politician?

New York City councillor Robert Cornegy Jr, who is 6ft 10in, has taken the accolade.

A New York City councillor from Brooklyn has been named the tallest politician in the world.

Robert Cornegy Jr, who is 6ft 10in,  was honoured for that distinction at a City Hall ceremony after being officially certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s tallest male politician on January 14.

Mr Cornegy said he went for the title two years ago after a constituent jokingly told him “you have to be the tallest politician ever”.

Mr Cornegy says being tall has its challenges, especially shopping for shoes and clothes.

The previous record holder was a British MP named Sir Louis Gluckstein, who measured 6ft 7in.

He died in 1979.


Press Association


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