Pit bull rescued after getting stuck in pipe while chasing opossum

Rocky was wedged 100 feet into the pipe before rescue services got to him.

(Claremont, NC, Rescue via AP)
(Claremont, NC, Rescue via AP)

A pit bull intent on chasing down an opossum was foiled when he ended up wedged around 100 feet (30 metres) into a pipe in North Carolina.

Claremont Rescue chief Eric Jones said in a Facebook post that his agency was called late on Tuesday night to the scene, where Rocky the dog’s worried owner stood.

The rescuers dug holes in different locations to try to find Rocky, eventually locating him at a junction between the cast iron and corrugated pipe.

Claremont Rescue received a call shortly after 11:00 pm last night about a dog stuck approximately 100 feet in a pipe….

Posted by Eric Jones on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

News outlets report the rescue took around two hours. Aided by an electric saw, rescuers were eventually able to free the 2ft tall dog from the 1ft high pipe.

Mr Jones wrote on Facebook: “Rocky and his owner was very happy when we did. Awesome job by Claremont Rescue, Animal Control and the owner. Rocky was excited too. No more possum chasing for him.”

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