Brexit border protests

Brexit protesters at the border on Monday
Brexit protesters at the border on Monday

A series of major anti-Brexit protests are set to be held along the border this Saturday as the political chaos in Britain continues.

Locally, the demonstration will once again be held at Carrickarnon, where dramatic scenes emerged during the last protest in January.

The protest made international headlines after a mock ‘Berlin Wall’ was created, and demonstrators were pictured knocking it down.

This weekend, the focus is set to be very much on highlighting the Brexit chaos at Westminster, which continued over the last few days.

‘While politicians and journalists speculate about an extension of the withdrawal date, the deep concerns and potential impact of Brexit on Irish border communities are being ignored,’ said Declan Fearon, spokesman for organisers, Border Communities Against Brexit (BCAB)

The ongoing chaos has led to an extension to the March 29th deadline, until April 12th. But with no deal yet in place, the chances of the UK crashing out of Europe have increased.

The fears there, are that it will then lead to a ‘hard border’ being erected locally.

‘This is despite the democratically expressed wishes of a majority in the North of Ireland to remain within the EU. Brexit threatens to re-impose a hard border in Ireland. This would be devastating to the economy, industry and jobs, to farming, to the free movement of people crossing the border every day to work, study or trade,’ added Declan.

‘It threatens hard won access to human rights protection and completely undermines the Good Friday Agreement. He said that communities on both sides of the border remain deeply concerned about their futures as Brexit approaches.

‘Border Communities Against Brexit remains focused on ensuring that Irish voices from the border area continue to be heard across the world at this the critical time.’

‘We have organised a significant and major people’s demonstration against Brexit and a hard border, at various points along the border, for Saturday, 30th March at 3pm – the day following the original British EU withdrawal date.’

We are asking everyone living along the border, on either side, to make an effort to attend. We are calling on all trade unions, representative groups, civic leaders and citizens to join with us in demonstrating our anger at being taken out of the EU and our opposition to any return to a hard border in Ireland.’

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